Pulp & Paper Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Pulp is a cellulosic, soft and moist raw material used in the paper production. Paper refers to a material made of cellulose pulp. Printing, writing, blotting, printing, paper for cigarettes, toilet tissues are the main types of paper. Pulp can be prepared from linen, rags, wood or waste paper chemically or mechanically.

The market for pulp and paper is dominated by the USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden and Japan. Such developing countries as India and China are predicted to show significant growth of local markets in the oncoming years. Mondi, Stora Enso and Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget are among the top world companies.

Research reports on the pulp and paper market available in the Catalogue provide up-to-date information the pulp and paper market. The reports examine production and demand volumes, price, export and import changes within the market. Overviews of the main market growth drivers, prospects, trends alongside with challenges are included into the research reports. Top market participants’ profiles, performance analyses; future market forecasts are on hand in the reports.