Animal Husbandry Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Concerned with breeding and taking care of livestock, animal husbandry forms one of the front-rank branches of agriculture. Animal husbandry companies are involved in a slew of activities: nutrition, housing, sanitation, and marketing of domestic animals, etc. Cattle, horses, swine, sheep and goats are amid the most preferred types of livestock selected for breeding on a global scale.

The population growth pushes up consumption of meat and related products and, consequently, ignites growth of the animal husbandry sector. Currently, this business is highly dependent on energy supply and availability of such resources as clean water, high quality food and suitable space, among others. Besides, animal husbandry firms face the problem of waste disposal. Previously used to improve fields’ fertility, livestock manure is no longer used by some households due to the rising popularity of chemical nutrients.

This Catalogue offers insightful research reports on global, regional and national animal husbandry markets. The reports provide detailed analyses of the key market trends, challenges and mechanisms, comprise profiles of the leading market participants. Discussions of demand and supply dynamics, export and import trends, price fluctuations are included into the research reports.