Textile & Leather Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The Textile and Leather Industry is distinct in its globalized nature and high levels of labor intensity. The sector is composed of the four well-defined sub-sectors – the manufacture of fibers & tissues and leather goods, including apparel and footwear production.

Owing to its scale and workers’ employment profiles, the industry holds promise to provide input into any nations’ economic progress. Certain trends and developments are expected to affect the Textile and Leather Market going forward. These include, among others, globalization in terms of production processes and consumers’ preferences, intensification of environmental rules and regulations, impetus to the use of new and newly-emerging technologies, rising competition caused by innovations, focus on the enhancement of customer health and protection.

This Catalogue grants access to a wide range of research reports devoted to the Textile and Leather Market. Focusing on the past, present as well as likely future developments of the Textile and Leather market globally, regionally or nation-wide, the reports explore major trends across various industry segments and sub-segments, drivers and obstacles impacting the sector. Furthermore, the unbiased reviews of the market participants are also included in the reports.