Freight & Trucking Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Companies active in the freight and trucking market provide goods transportation services to clients worldwide. Cargoes can be transported by land, air or water. As a rule, freight is delivered on freight-prepaid/freight-collect basis, depending on terms of the freight payment. Besides, the freight may be charged on the weight/volume of the delivered cargo. It is also dependent on shipment modes which include among others chartering, overland, containerized, post, etc.

The ability to select the right method of shipment hinges on an array of factors: urgency, a cargo type and cost, weight, frequency of delivery, and a lot more. For instance, fragile as well as sensitive or high valued goods are mainly sent by air, while fertilizers or insecticides are likely to be delivered by land/sea transport such as ships, trucks, trains.

The Catalogue includes research reports covering the freight and trucking market. The studies analyze the key growth drivers and limiters. The true and unbiased insights into the performance of the freight and trucking market players are available in the reports. Besides, the research reports profile the main market participants and uncover future prospects for the freight and trucking market.