Electric Power Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Electric power refers to the rate of electric energy that is altered to other forms of energy. It is subdivided into three main types. They are: active, reactive and apparent electric power. The industry supplies electric power to households and businesses.

Consumption of electricity is entailed from the need for electricity to run domestic appliances, industrial machinery and office equipment and provide sufficient energy for domestic as well as commercial lighting, heating. The USA represents one of the key electric markets on a global scale. Southern Company, Tennessee Valley Authority and American Electric Power are amidst the major companies involved in the country’s market.

Research reports available in the Catalogue offer a comprehensive guide to the global, regional and domestic electric power markets. Unbiased analyses of the key market drivers, limiters and trends are included in the reports. The research studies contain detailed profiles of major market players, thorough evaluations of the economic environment and future market opportunities’ discussions.