La Merie Publishingの「TCRベースの抗体およびT細胞免疫療法」パッケージの33%OFF

Market Publishers is pleased to inform its valued clients that La Merie Publishing is currently running an open-end discount offer on its package of 2 related T-Cell Receptor (TCR)-Based Immunotherapy レポート. Now this package is available at a 33% discount: ドル5,257.00 - ドル3,505.00.

The introduction of T-Cell Receptor (TCR)-based therapeutic cells along with recombinant antibodies or antibody fusion proteins has brought cancer therapeutics to a new level. Both treatment options target intracellular components that are considered to be three-four times more frequent in comparison to surface proteins. But, these intracellular cancer targets are inaccessible to CAR T-cell or monoclonal antibody therapies. TCR engineered T-cells act using the cytotoxicity of T-cells, while antibodies act through their intrinsic effects (CDC, ADCC) or by boosting them as antibody-drug conjugates or T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies.

のレポート “TCR-Based Antibody and T-Cell Immunotherapy” パッケージに含まれます:

Detailed descriptions and tables of contents of these reports together with sample pages are available on the respective product pages.

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Report Package: TCR-Based Antibody and T-Cell Immunotherapy ドル5,257.00 ドル3,505.00

T-Cell Receptor (TCR)-based therapeutic cells and recombinant antibodies or antibody fusion proteins have emerged as a new class of ... or T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies. This report package includes two full reports covering TCR-based T-cell and recombinant antibody (fusion protein) immunotherapy ...

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